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The Moon Watch


When your airfare costs $10 billion, and you only have a day to see the sights, you take a Bulova to keep track of time.



At WATCH IT!, we know that during some events, time matters more. And walking on the moon is just such an occasion. The year was 1971, and astronaut David Scott was on the moon, when his NASA-issued timepiece failed spectacularly—its crystal falling into the lunar dust to be lost forever. Fortunately, he also had his personal Bulova Chronograph with him, and it was this timepiece that boldly went where no watch had gone before. Time mattered quite a bit more to the person who recently bought the watch at auction—$1.6 million more, to be precise! 

The Moon WatchBut visiting the moon, and taking part in a total of 46 NASA missions, is a small part of the story for this world-beating brand that celebrates its 141st birthday this year. It has also consistently led the watch industry with some incredible milestones. Bulova was the world’s first national radio advertiser in 1926, and 15 years later it produced the world’s first television commercial. In 1960, it developed the world’s first fully electronic watch, Accutron, guaranteeing unprecedented accuracy to two seconds per day—even on the moon. More recently, in 2010, it unveiled its high performance quartz movement models and ushered in the era of 1/1,000th-of-a-second accuracy—technology to be found today in all its ultrahigh frequency movement models. And in 2014, it produced the world’s first solid 24-karat-gold watch. In 2015, Bulova returned to its birthplace, Manhattan, New York, situating its global headquarters on the 29th floor of the iconic Empire State Building.

The Moon Watch

Today, the brand, and its products, still live by the original unique selling proposition: to deliver the highest-quality timepieces at the best value. Bulova’s mandate to always be innovative, always be relevant, and always be modern is one reason why WATCH IT! is so proud to carry a full line of its watches. We congratulate Bulova on its anniversary, and look forward to another 141 years of its outstanding levels of creativity, artistry, craftsmanship, and industry leadership.


The Moon Watch