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With 28 of the most beautiful races on the planet planned between April and September 2016, join 5 Peaks and WATCH IT! this summer and reconnect with what matters most.

WATCH IT! was excited to sit down with Amy Golumbia, National Race Director of 5 Peaks to learn about the inspiration behind 5 Peaks events, the joy of spending time in nature, and the value of celebrating all the hard work we put into our training, families, and communities.

WI: What’s 5 Peaks all about?

Amy: More and more Canadians are looking to get outside, and off the asphalt, to reconnect with the wilderness and their families. 5 Peaks is the ultimate way to do that, while getting much-needed exercise, all in unparalleled majestic scenery—we actually call them the most beautiful races on the planet. Founded in Vancouver, we’ve been running (pardon the pun) for 18 years, and now have nature trail races in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Lately, I’ve been particularly encouraged by how many young people are putting down their smartphones and tablets to join us.

What’s happening in 2016?

We're continuing to put on 28 races nationally, four to six in each province. That's about one a month, from April to September. (You'll find all our events at 5peaks.com.) But this year, we're super excited to have WATCH IT! on board as our new Timing Sponsor. And even more excited by the new awards WATCH IT! will be hosting.

What are the awards? And how do you win one?

The Ruthi Spirit Awards are in celebration of Ruth Golumbia, my step mom, who died last year. In addition to being a great supporter of 5 Peaks, she was a wonderfully warm, caring human being. To commemorate her spirit, these awards will be given to the runner, or volunteer, at each of our 28 races, that best embodies her traits of generosity, positiveness, encouragement and inclusivity. While anyone can nominate a runner or volunteer for the award, the director of each race will make the final decision. The award will consist of a Timex watch. It’s the perfect running partner.

The Spirit of 5 Peaks, Ruthi Golumbia.

Learn more about the Ruthi Spirit Award 

We’re sure many of our readers would be interested in joining 5 Peaks, how do they do that?

They can join 5 Peaks Run Club to access training programs designed specifically for the 5 Peaks race series, by visiting 5peaks.com and clicking 5 Peaks Run Club. Membership of the club includes access to 5 Peaks specific training plans and advice from world renowned runners and coaches. And/or they can click Register For A Race and sign up for races in their area. They can sign up for individual races, or join their entire series.

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