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Darren Bondar

Darren Bondar CEO | "Ranger of Time"

Born in Saskatoon and raised in Calgary, Darren Bondar has always held an entrepreneurial spirit. As his family was in the furniture business for over 60 years, Darren grew up working alongside his grandfather on the sales floor while he developed his entrepreneurial skills. Earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Western Ontario and an MBA at the University of Alberta, Darren honed his skills providing a strong foundation to launch his own venture.

Bondar offers over 15 years of experience in the retail industry from WATCH IT! and personal business skills. Bondar’s passion for the industry and pride in his business has led him to solidify WATCH IT! as the destination for a pair of quality and fashionable sunglasses and watches in the country. With this natural mastery of business, it was fitting that Bondar received both the prestigious Henry Singer Award for 'Outstanding Alumni with a Career in Retailing' in 2009, and was awarded the 'Top Franchises of 2011' by the Canadian Franchise Association. Darren Bondar was also selected to the 2010 Class of Avenue Edmonton magazine’s 'Top 40 Under 40' awards.


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 Retail Development Team

Retail Development Team

Our Retail Development Team is a growing group of creative, dynamic and professional individuals. We handle every from the small details of design to store construction and set up. You are included in the process to ensure your personality is incorporated at every step. Every WATCH IT! location is allowed its own sense of style and design, within the chain's uniform look and feel. 

With 30 WATCH IT! locations we are proud to have a deep portfolio of industry proffesionals across Canada to assist us in new and renovated store designs. Our contractors and designers create a retail experience that invites our customers to stay, interact and explore.

At some point everyone needs a little Nip/Tuck! After your doors open you will continue to work with our RD Team to ensure small updates and renovations are completed periodically; keeping your store in-line and looking fresh.


 National Marketing Team

National Marketing Team

WATCH  IT! will provide you with extraordinary marketing materials and strategies to help you become profitable and increase your market  share. We pride ourselves on our consistent branding, cutting edge messaging and sensory branding in all our stores.

You will be encouraged to provide input and ideas to further our existing loyal customer base. Co-op advertising dollars from locations are pooled to create leading campaigns and generate the most engaging content. We encourage you to host cool events in conjunction with our industry partners that amplify the WATCH IT! brand and message.

Within our Marketing Team lives our Social Media Gurus. Living and breathing all things viral, our team will work with you or even on behalf of your location to create your own digital niche.  We aim to create a cohesive brand message in-store and online and we will ensure your social media footprint rivils our highly succesful national platforms!


   National Sales Team

National Sales & Merchandising Team

One of the benefits of owning a WATCH IT! store includes the competitive advantage that comes along with full access to the leading brand-name watches and sunglasses. Your potential competitors take years to establish the reputation and buying power needed to do the same for themselves.

Our Sales Team works with the elite companies in the industry and we will introduce you to your local contacts while simultaneously customizing brands and product selections to match your specific market and achieve maximum sales.

We will also guide you through merchandising tips and tricks, planning your grand opening celebrations and general operation during your first month. We offer periodic refresher meetings and store visits to reinforce WATCH IT!'s winning business practices.