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As featured in the 2016 Spring/Summer Magazine!


With his gruelling Ironman training schedule, full-time job, and sommelier studies, time matters more to Josh Davis. A lot more.

Josh Davis

Josh at a recent Nixon x Star Wars event at WATCH IT! Bayshore

WI: You completed the Ironman 70 in Mont Tremblant last August, you just did an Alberta ski tour, you’re studying to become a wine sommelier, and you work full time with your mom at the Bayshore WATCH IT! store. Frankly, your life on your social feeds would give an aspirin a headache. What does a day in your life look like?

JD: Yeah, my life can get a little hairy. In addition to talking to you, here’s my lineup for today:
6:30, an hour’s spin on my stationary bike. Shower. Work in the store till 5 pm. Get back home for a two-hour run. Followed by an hour’s swim. Then spend an hour studying till bed. I’m training so hard right now because my goal is to complete the full Ironman in under 12 hours.

Josh Davis

Running the Ironman


WI: A lot of pics on your Instagram feed seem to revolve around Nixon watches. Tell us why you like that brand.

JD: Yeah, I am a bit of a Nixon evangelist; they actually recently recognized me with an award for my ambassadorship. Part of my passion for the brand is practical. Since my schedule is so hectic, accurate timekeeping is essential. And since many of my sporting activities are somewhat extreme, I also need a watch that is super durable. Of course, a lot of watches can stand up to boarding and biking, but what I love about the Nixon goes a lot deeper than function. My Nixons are constant companions because of the thinking, design, and craftsmanship that goes into them. I pride myself both on physical and more artistic and intellectual pursuits. I feel they’ve chosen much the same path for their brand. You can dress them up, but they have more substance than some fashion designer brand. Also like me, they’re not afraid to take risks and try new things. Take their Hidden Cove collection, for example. It’s influenced by California beaches. The colour schemes are so sweet, and include black sands, greenish glass, and driftwood—really inspired.

Josh Davis

 L-R: Nixon Magnacon; Josh & the Nixon Elite collection; Nixon Stormtrooper


WI: Nixons plural? How many do you own?

JD: I got my first in 2003. At last count I have almost 20, minus the ones borrowed by family members (who I won’t rat out here ; ). I rotate between the Magnicon I was awarded by the brand, and my Regent—plus I’m loving my new Star Wars edition. For Ironman challenges I use my Comp a lot too. Billed as the world’s thinnest full-feature digital, it’s got amazing countdown and lap functions onboard. Keeps me honest because it won’t let me cheat myself out of any of the time I need to put in!

Josh Davis

Surf's up!


WI: So what’s next for Josh?

JD: That’s the great thing about life—I have no idea. I just know I like to challenge myself. Particularly if it’s a challenge people don’t believe I’m up to—I actually got into Ironman because someone told me I’d never be able to cross the finish line. I honestly believe if you push yourself, you can achieve whatever you want!


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