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Customer: P. Talaba, BC
Rating: Excellent

I want to thank you for your outstanding customer service. I don't get that every day, so it's even more important to recognise the fact that my message was addressed and I was helped to obtain what I was after. I had a great experience and it's all your merit.

Customer: B. Bhandari, ON
Rating: Excellent

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing service. From walking into your locations in Ottawa to contacting head office I could not of asked for better service. I really appreciate everything your employees and company have done. Without hesitation you guys took the initiative to replace my watch without any complications. Not only do I get compliments from the watch, but I've told everyone why they should buy a watch from WATCH IT! Now I know there is only one place to go when I need a watch! Thank you for providing such good customer service!! 

Customer: M. Katozian, ON
Rating: Excellent

I will definitely be doing future purchases with this company. Your customer service is top notch. It's one of the best I've seen anywhere.

Customer: J. York, ON
Rating: Excellent

Hi! I just wanted to say what an amazing service! I ordered around 9:30am one morning, it was shipped that day around 11am & I received it in the mail the next day! I cannot believe how easy and fast you ship your items. (especially because it's FREE shipping) I also love that it was my first purchase and there was a 10% off discount, definitely will be spreading the word and will definitely be a repeat customer. Again thanks!!

Customer: T. Wolde, AB
Rating: Excellent

It was my first time shopping at 'Watch-IT!' and have to say this. Product came shockingly fast - 2 days? - that was free shipping as well, just awesome. Watch came properly set to time as well as date. Packaged very well and no issues at all. Even though I only have two wrists which limits the amount of product I can purchase here, I will continue to visit regularly. Thanks a bunch for the swell service!

Customer: S. Beliveau, ON

Rating: Good

I just bought a 88 rue du Rhone watch and I was very satisfied by the quality of the product and the quality of the service. Great price! Good and fast shipping. Good customer service. I definitely recommend WatchIt.

Customer: C. Aageson, AB
Rating: Excellent

Good Morning, I just wanted to pass along how impressed I am by your company. Last year I ordered a watch for my son and it was delivered in 2 days. This year I ordered a watch for my boyfriend and it was delivered the very next day...not even 24 hours from payment to delivery. OUTSTANDING!!!! Both watches exceeded my expectations, but truly it is your service that will keep me coming back and recommending WATCH IT to my family and friends.

Customer: S. Mcneely, ON
Rating: Excellent

I just wanted to share my recent experience in one of your locations. I visited the Place d'Orleans location last week in Orleans, Ontario in search of a watch for my mom's birthday. I spent quite a bit of time looking at all of the types of Michael Kors watches and had a hard time deciding which was best. One of your employees, Isaac, came along and immediately made my experience a lot easier. He was very knowledgeable about the products and was able to provide helpful suggestions. He was extremely helpful and very friendly. Isaac made my experience at Watch It one hundred times better and I would definitely recommend the store to others just based on the excellent customer service I received. My boyfriend and I left the store in awe of how great of an employee he was. I would hope that this messagesomehow reaches Isaac so he can know that his hard work is definitely paying off. His enthusiasm made our entire day. He will go far in this world if he continues to work hard like this! I want Isaac to know that Watch It should be proud to have such a respectable and hard working employee. 

Customer: B. Kwok, ON

Rating: Great

I would like to bring to your attention the great service I received yesterday evening at your Markville Mall WatchIt location. Danielle exhibited great customer service and went the extra mile to assist me in fixing my watch band. She took the time and patience to ensure that the fit was correct and offered further advice on the care of my Citizen watch. This is the type of service that I look for when purchasing watches and you guys have definitely found the right people to work at the retail locations. Customer service is often more important than the product itself and I am glad WatchIt has this concept implemented in their operations. I will be back to purchase more watches from WatchIt in the future.

Customer: K. Ciuciura, ON
Rating: Excellent

I just want to say a big thank you for your excellent customer service!  Not only did I receive a response to my inquiry within a very short time, I also received the delivery of the watch I ordered yesterday.  I left thing to the last minute and you were able to accommodate.  Thank you again and will be sure to spread the word on how wonderful the experience was. 

Customer: G. Ruhr, BC
Rating: Excellent

Good evening, I am sorry it took me so long to write this email but I had to make sure I end up doing it.  Around Christmas time I entered your store to buy a watch and I was contemplating and not sure what I wanted to and your workers were absolutely amazing. Connie and Ken were hands down one the best customer service I have received. They were patient, professional, friendly, readily available, knowledgable about the watches, genuine and just overall wonderful.  Connie helped me choose my watch, she answered all my questions, gave me fashion tips and was very calming while I was spending hundreds of dollars. She was always smiling and elegant.  I hope you will pass these good words down to them and keep in mind how wonderful they are.

Customer: C. Hansen, BC
Rating: Great

I had purchased a watch back in January and have since meant to email about the great service I had by Neil. He knew exactly the watch I was looking for, you didn't have it in stock so suggested he could see if another location had it and they did, he was able to reserve it and organize shipping quite quickly. He gave great service was knowledged about the product and a pleasure to deal with. 

Customer: D. Jeffrey, ON
Rating: Excellent

Just updating you that the exchange was made and everything worked out. I would like to also thank Karen at the Scarborough ‎store for all her work she did. I don't know if you have a recognition program or anything but I wanted Karen to be recognized for her professionalism and sweet nature. I would also like to thank you for the quick responses in helping resolve this matter. I love the watch and love your store where I have bought many watches in the past and will continue to purchase more in the future. Thank you again and please pass along my praise for Karen.

Customer: C. Jesty, AB
Rating: Excellent

I would like you to know that I was a customer looking for a watch for my boyfriend.  I called the Market Mall location and I questioned the sales associate with a vague question,  with so many watches in the market I didn't know where to start. Cassandra Ficaccio directed me to your website,  it really helped. When I called back Cassandra knew what I wanted. She was so patient and really made me smile but most importantly made my boyfriend smile when he revieved his gift. Thank you Cassandra for making a difference.

Customer: K. McKenelley, AB
Rating: Excellent
I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Graeme from Watch it! My experience was more than excellent. Graeme was very helpful and informative. I will definitely be going back to Watch It! For future needs and referring anyone I know to them. The watches were awesome. We were on a tight deadline and Graeme made it happen for us!

Keep up the awesome work. 

Customer: T. Milligan, BC.
Rating: Excellent

I had been looking forward to locating the Limited edition Eminem G-Shock watch for months...and Colleen managed to locate one just in time for my Christmas gift from my girlfriend. I love it and I recommend Watch It! for all types of watches – if they don’t have it in stock they will get it for you!

Customer: L. Mejilla, ON.
Rating: Excellent
Whenever I want to buy a nice watch I always go to 'WatchIt' at the Vaughn Mills Shopping Center. With a wide range of watch makers like Nixon, Armani and Police, 'WatchIt' is definitely the place to go if you want to find the perfect time-piece. Although they have a great selection, what keeps me coming back, even if its just to window-shop, is the great customer service!

A few years ago, I bought my girlfriend a Nixon watch for her birthday. Initially, some alternations needed to be made, so I brought it back to remove a few of the links. Each time I came in, the sales associate made the alterations quickly, and free of charge! When one of the pins came out of the clasp, I brought it back to the store to see what they could do. Since the warranty was up, and the missing pin was considered a “special piece”, I was told that it needed to be sent to Nixon's head office. Instead of giving me this information and sending me on my merry way, the sales associate went through the trouble of providing me with the address and phone number of Nixon's Canadian operations in Calgary. She also told me to come back and speak to her again if I experienced any difficulties in sending the watch out. This was great, especially since the watch I had bought was not as expensive as some of the other ones in the store.

Based on my experiences with other watch stores where the level of service is often determined by the price on the tag, the staff at 'WatchIt' made me feel like I paid more for my watch than I actually did!

Customer: A.Hoy, ON.
Rating: Excellent
I was in your St-Laurent store yesterday with my Mother, we were there to purchase 2 watches and we were served by Isaac. He gave exceptional customer service, was very patient, polite, and dynamic, he also had a great energy and I could tell he really enjoys his job! I was a retail manager for years so I feel the need to express this, too often stores get negative feedback and no one mentions the positive...Great employee with an excellent handle of what customer service should be! We will back in future and I will recommend your store!

Customer: R.K Lasalle, QC.
Rating: Excellent
To be honest I was very sceptic before ordering online from this site. I didnt know if it was trust worthy or not. After reading numerous reviews and own first time personal purchase I would no doubt shop and highly recommend this website to anyone and everyone looking for a watch. My watch was delivered to me in a delay of 2days that to standard shipping. I was amazed and the product was exactly what I wanted.

Customer: L.S Surrey, BC.
Rating: Excellent
I placed an order by phone yesterday morning and am very impressed with your company, your great prices and how fast you ship your orders. I also emailed you a couple of days before ordering to see if you had the items I wanted in stock, my email was answered immediately. I was told shipping would take 3-4 working days and was pleasantly surprised to receive it today, only a day after I ordered it! I am very pleased with your service and will definitely use your company again. I'd like to thank you for making me feel like a valued customer, which is something that seems to be lost in the online marketplace.

Customer: A.C Oakville ON.
Rating: Excellent
Excellent service. Order was put in on a weekend. Confirmation received 1st business day of the week, received watch the day after. Took watch to a local Watch IT! store to have band adjusted, excellent service again. Bonus: didn't have to pay provincial sales tax on the order! Very satisfied. Thank you.

Customer: W.R Lr. Sackville, NS.
Rating: Excellent
Watch IT! It is an amazing site. They had the watch I was looking for at a fabulous price. Placing the order was easy and i received the item quickly and with no problems. I will definitely recommend this site to others.

Customer: J.C.P Toronto, ON.
Rating: Good
Customer service rep available immediately to answer questions via phone. Received merchandise incredibly quickly. thank you!.

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