Shaughnessy worked as a manager at a tattoo studio in Vancouver for 6 1/2 years. This is where she learned how to manage people and about the importance of sterilization and the dangers of cross-contamination in the field. Kyle worked at another tattoo studio in Vancouver for seven years. He started off as a sales associate and eventually worked his way up to a piercing apprenticeship.

Kyle learned a lot about the industry during his time there—he got his knowledge and footing in the industry. Together they always knew they would pursue careers in body modification, helping clients feel confidence in their own skin, but they didn’t think they would become the Canadian leader in the industry.

Before the success of Studio Sashiko, Kyle and Shaughnessy created Hold Steady Clothing Co. Because of their entrepreneurial mindsets, they experienced success early on. The clothing line was heavily influenced by streetwear and tattoo-inspired designs. The company did well and had a strong following online. Although a lot of fun, it was also a lot of work. They would work their full-time jobs during the day and then come home and work on the clothing line for another four hours in the evening. Sadly, all good things must end and they closed the business in 2013. It was a tough decision, but for the best. They learned a lot from running the business and applied some of those lessons they learned to Studio Sashiko.

Studio Sashiko opened three years ago, close to their home in Langley that they share with their three dogs, Chips, Chloe, and Pretzel. The studio offers cosmetic tattooing, otherwise known as semi-permanent makeup or micropigmentation, which is the process of implanting colour pigment beneath the surface of the skin through sterile, disposable needles to produce the appearance of hair strokes and make up. Fast-forward three years and the Studio has six microblade artists and one scalp micropigmentation artist. Clients fly in daily from all over North America for their services. The studio is well known to celebrity clientele ranging from Jillian Harris, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Jasmine Lorimer, Samantha Ravndahl, and others. The future of Studio Sashiko seems endless, as Kyle and Shaughnessy plan to open more shops in North America. So stay tuned!

Shaughnessy and Kyle are both well known in the Vancouver fashion community as influential trend-setters. Shaughnessy has always been inspired by vintage clothing and loves the challenge of creating a new outfit with elements of both new and old. Kyle worked at a men’s boutique in Gastown, Vancouver, where he gained his fashion knowledge. Currently his inspiration comes from streetwear and Japanese designers.

Medium Watches collaborates with entrepreneurs that appreciate details, valuing the tools of the trade and the accessories that define them. Kyle and Shaughnessy chose Medium because it suits their lifestyle, they are sleek and simple, and, in Kyle’s words, “straight to the point.” Both versatile and practical, Medium can be incorporated into any outfit and is adaptable enough to be worn daily. Medium speaks to their individuality because of their minimal design, classy look, and their fit with their unique wardrobes.

When the power microblading couple aren’t in the studio, they love to spend time with their fur family, exploring the gems of Langley. Currently, they are planning their wedding in Palm Springs. Their future plans are travelling to the U.S. for more guest spots at world-renowned studios and growing their business to expand across North America. If you want a great pair of brows, find Studio Sashiko on instagram at @studiosashiko and Shaughnessy @shaughnessy.