Florals and Floss began as a creative outlet, turned business, after my son turned 2. For the last 10 years I’ve been working as an artist focusing on painting, but as my son got older I wasn’t finding the time to pick up a paintbrush. Embroidery is making a huge comeback and the idea of taking such a traditional art form and transforming it into something more contemporary really appealed to me. I ordered an embroidery kit online and instantly fell in love with the textures and the slow, patient process of embroidery. It wasn’t long before I started creating my own patterns, and now only 9 months later I have a wonderful little business and teach embroidery workshops.

Describe your creative process.

My creative process is all about inspiration, and since my embroidery is based on nature there’s an abundance of inspiration all around me. It can be as simple as looking up photos of flowers and nature online or in a book, or heading out to the river valley for a walk. I take a lot of photos of flowers and make a lot of sketches, which turns into a pattern, and transforms into an embroidered hoop.

How does your photography background support Florals and Floss?

I would shoot family and lifestyle sessions set in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley, as well as natural areas in and around Calgary. While shooting other peoples love I simultaneously fell in love with my surroundings and would end up taking endless photos of wildflowers and other wild botanicals. Location scouting easily became my favorite part of photo sessions and helped inspire my line of Alberta-based botanical embroidered hoops.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is a mix of different styles-I like everything! In a week my style can change from more classic, to boho, to whatever is trendy at the moment. I also like a touch of whimsy in my style- usually opting for a fun pattern or embroidered flowers. I find that no matter how many directions my style may go I always come back to timeless, feminine, classic pieces of clothing and accessories.

Between Florals and Floss, photography and being such a hands on mom, how to you make you time matter to you?

I’ve never been one to have a strict schedule, always preferring to go with the flow. But now that I’m running a creative business as well as staying home with my son full time, I can honestly say time seems to matter more than it ever has before! These days I try to keep a (flexible) schedule which gives me the time to create and work on the business side of Florals and Floss, while allowing me time with my family- which is the time that matters most to me.

What about the distinct Olivia Burton look appeals to your creative design and style?

Olivia Burton watches feel like they are made for me! They are the perfect combo of timeless, feminine, and just trendy enough. I could easily embroider any one of her floral designs and it would fit perfectly in with my body of work.

Taking time for you and your family is so important, how would you spend your ideal day off?

I work from home so on an ideal day off I like to get out of the house to spend quality time with my family. With a child I end up going on lots of outings to places like the zoo or the science center, or on “nature walks” that usually end with a coffee and a treat from a café. Pretty much anything to turn my mind of “work mode”.

Whats next for you and Florals and Floss?

I haven’t thought too much about what’s next, preferring to take things as they come. However, I’ve recently started teaching workshops which is something I would like to expand on. I would like to travel around Canada a bit to teach embroidery.