In his role for Avi Urban Homes, Charron Ungar knows that being “the boss” of a busy construction company doesn’t mean sacrificing style.


As the president of a multi-award-winning home-building company, how does a day in your life look?
Home-building is a fast-paced and highly fluid industry. Changing market conditions, inventory levels, and opportunities mean I never have the same day twice. I’m a design guy at heart, and I come at most things from a creative and sometimes unorthodox angle. I’m fortunate to work with a team of people that are comfortable with my constantly changing environment, so it allows me to do what I love most—create amazing places for people to call home.

What’s your go-to outfit for the office? Working directly with so many contractors and builders, do you ever have to adapt your style?
I consider my sense of style rather eclectic. A broken-in pair of jeans, dress shirt, nicely cut jacket finished off with a great pair of shoes pretty much describes my daily outfit. I like to keep it simple and comfortable. Plus, I tend to avoid winter jackets whenever possible and choose to layer instead. I pretty much wear what I want most days—I’m quite fortunate that I get to do that.

Avi Urban’s vision is to “bring modern aesthetic and innovative design to the forefront.” Do you feel like this is a reflection of your own personal style?
I moved to Cliff Bungalow in Calgary about 25 years ago. I bought an old brick house and renovated it to my taste. I love older neighbourhoods and the way they transition and evolve over time to reflect the modern taste of the people drawn to live there. It’s that diversity and character that I appreciate most, and I try to bring that ethos into the products that we build as well. Putting in that extra effort and heightening that sense of individuality in our homes is important to me.

What do you like about the Hugo Boss brand? How does it fit into your wardrobe?
Hugo Boss has been around for as long as I can remember. I find that brand synonymous with a clean and modern European aesthetic.


You once had your own clothing line, Ungar Clothing Company, which had great success. Tell us a little bit about it and why you chose another path outside of the fashion industry.
I wouldn’t say it was a great success. The clothing business is very competitive, and I knew nothing about how to be successful. I established my company on one basic premise, that I couldn’t find a well-made, fitted t-shirt. Now you can find them pretty much anywhere, but back then it was a really frustrating exercise. So I sourced a great fabric from Italy, found a Canadian manufacturer, and set up distribution in several markets across the country. I had amazing fun creating a new product and found limited success selling it; but I also realized that my true passion was building homes, so I sold my existing stock and the rest is history. Plus, I got to keep quite a few of the shirts for myself after all was said and done.

Being the boss can be very time-consuming. What do you do with your free time?
I stay pretty active. I have a couple of bulldogs that keep me company on my walks around the neighbourhood, plus my two boys make for an endless supply of things that need to get done and great times to be had.


As the father of two boys, has your admiration for style been passed on to them?
I hope so! I have so many pieces in my wardrobe that I refuse to get rid of in the hope that one day I can pass them on and that they’ll be impressed with their father’s fashion sense. It’s about comfort and style in equal balance. If put together right, I believe your character and individuality will shine through. At the end of the day, I hope that’s what they pick up from me. Be yourself and reflect that self-assurance in everything you do.

Any plans for the future?
Well, as we sit here, it’s officially the first day of spring, and I am really looking forward to green grass and sunshine. Not just that it heralds the start of golf and cycling season, but it also means that Avi Urban swings into high production for all our developments. We’ve got new projects planned in the near future that will add a fresh perspective to Calgary’s urban landscape; I’m really looking forward to bringing these developments to market.

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