What made you decide to start blogging?

When my twins were toddlers, I would read blogs and beauty forums in my spare time. As I read these blogs, I realized I had a lot of my own tips to share. I decided to create a blog and write down the results of my research on various topics, fromanti-aging facial exercises to the best drugstore makeup products. I also started featuring my day-to-day outfits on the blog—I especially like finding budget-friendly yet beautiful clothing.

With over 33,000 Instagram followers and counting, what goes into
developing an insightful blog?

While there is a lot of crossover between Instagram followers and blog readers, each platform has its own advantages and challenges. Instagram is a visual platform, where you have to really focus on creating attention-catching images. As a blogger, your Instagram profile page (mine is @ellaprettyblog, by the way!) is your mini-resume. When someone clicks on it, they get an idea of what you cover and the type of content you can create—and then they decide whether to follow you or not. So you often curate your images to reflect the best version of yourself, while making sure your images are cohesive and “on brand.” Your blog is where you have the chance to share more. You can fully write out your thoughts, share links to relevant articles, and upload detailed and informative photos. When it comes to writing blog posts, I want to make sure each post I write is useful and interesting, so I focuson quality over quantity.

How would you describe your personal style?

Feminine, classic, and pink!

Do you remember when you first began to wear a watch?

Yes, when I turned six, my mother took my sister and me to a watch store and let us pick out our first watch. Mine had a white
dial, black numbers, and a pink strap (of course). I wore it to school every day. It was my favourite accessory!

How does Bulova fit into your wardrobe?

Bulova watches are classic and elegant—they work perfectly with my personal style. I have two Bulova watches, a diamond
chronograph in silver and the rose-gold Rubaiyat that I’m wearing in these pictures. Between the two of them, they go
with everything I wear, from jeans to evening wear. They both feature diamonds, which makes them feel extra special. I love
looking down and seeing their subtle sparkle on my wrist!

What is your favourite Bulova watch?

Although I love both of my watches, I probably use my rosegold Rubaiyat more. I tend to wear a lot of blush pink and rose
gold, so it matches more of my outfits.

What’s next for Ella Pretty?
While I will always love sharing fashion and style content on Ella Pretty Blog, I’ve recently started working with resorts to incorporate more travel reviews as well. I’ve posted about Muskoka, Montreal, Santorini, and the Bahamas. I’m also looking
to expand upon my decor content—I recently revealed my home-office makeover, and am looking forward to working on
my bedroom and kitchen next!