As one of WATCH IT!’s leading gurus, Jasper Ly is a multi-tasker with style. Born and raised in Scarborough, his constant music and dance surroundings have made him a leader in the Krump community. He spends his spare time “Krumping Out Crime,” with the organization of the same name that helps Toronto youth at risk get off the street and onto the dance floor. With his never-fail attitude, it’s no wonder Jasper was voted by his peers to become WATCH IT!’s ambassador for G-Shock watches.

At what point did you realize you wanted to pursue Krump? Were there mentors or influential dancers you watched?

I discovered Krump at the age of 16. I stumbled across it in a YouTube video and I never looked back. In the video I saw a man named Ceasare Laron Willis (a.k.a. “Tight Eyez”), who is the creator of Krump. To this day, he has been my biggest influence and inspiration. Secondly, my mentor goes by the name of Marquith Miller, a.k.a. “Crush.” He was a student of Tight Eyez for many years and is known as “The Prince of Krump.” He’s been a mentor to me for about four years now.

Some might describe Krump as an out-of-body experience. How does it make you feel?

Man, there really are no words to explain the feeling of Krump. The ability to let everything out—your joys, pain, victories, and losses—all in an out-of-body experience, is unreal. Many may not know this, but Krump is an uplifting dance. So when you see all of the yelling and screaming, it’s all a way of supporting and giving energy to the person dancing. The hype is key to this feeling… in Krump lingo, we call it “BUCKK.”

Are there any moves you're known for?

I have my moves, but I’d like to be remembered more for my style. Growing up, I’ve always found it challenging to sit or stand still, and Krump became a tool for me to channel all of that extra energy. This really influenced my style as I became known for precision, explosive rapid movements, and a rude attitude—but in a good way! So, like a submachine gun, it birthed my dance name, “SMG.” You’ve been dancing professionally for six years. Can you tell us about a difficult moment in your dance career and what motivated you to keep going? I think the misconceptions people have about Krump, like that it’s a seizure or an angry person’s dance, is a constant challenge throughout my career. However, it’s also what fuels my motivation to enlighten and educate people of the true depth of this dance.

Casio x Jasper

Can you share with us your involvement with Krumping Out Crime?

We partnered with the Toronto Police to hold an afterschool program to work with youth at risk. The students receive mentorship with their schoolwork in the first hour, and then in the second hour we get to hang out with them and teach them how to Krump. Many of these kids were able to learn how to use Krump as a positive outlet in their life, and many have become long-lasting friendships. To see a passionate next generation of youth carry the movement forward while doing something positive is really inspiring to me.

How does G-Shock represent your lifestyle?

Being heavily influenced by street dance and Krump culture growing up, I love that G-Shock represents my lifestyle with the rugged, urban, and artistic elements that they put into their watches. I wear them knowing it’s not a watch I need to worry about breaking—it will stay tough through performances, battles, or even in a crazy session. Do you have a favourite G-Shock you like to wear? Definitely the black and gold GA400 design, as it was inspired by hip hop and b-boy culture. Also, with my crew’s colours being black and gold, it’s an easy pick for shows.

What are your future dance goals?

I work out of Simply Swagg Studios, Canada’s premiere hip-hop dance studio. We offer such disciplines as hip hop, breaking, Krump, and more to ages 4+. Our goal at Simply Swagg is to help youth find and build their identity through the art of dance. We provide an environment and community free of judgment that allows our students to grow both personally and in their life endeavours.

Other than dancing, what occupies your time?

Taking care of my people! Shout out to NORTHBUCK, Simply Swagg Dance Studio, the whole SMG & 40 Family, my Rudey Rudez, the Mini Militia and of course my WATCH IT! crew!


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