Summer Watch Comparison 1: Medium Intro

by: HAYDEN @styleouthere

Medium x Style Out Here

If you'll recall, last fall I did two consecutive watch comparison of the Medium Intro watch and the Jord Frankie Watch to test them against some fall ensembles and activities to see which was best at what. It just so happens that I've recently linked up with my friends at these two great brands to put together a new review double-header for you guys to pit some of their newer product against summer. First up: Medium. Here are a couple of my favourite points:

1. Stylistic Versatility

Those with a keen eye will note that the watch body itself of my Medium Intro that I had last time has not changed, but in fact just the strap. While the transition from the original leather strap for fall season to a metal mesh strap for summer is a natural choice, I believe that this transition also illustrates one of the best things about this timepiece: its versatility. The body itself is so timeless and simple that you can easily switch between a Daniel-Wellington-esque look for fall and a Skagen-esque look for summer and get the best of both styles for a fraction of the cost. Just check out the following side-by-side of the two straps and two different looks for an idea of how easily you can switch the style up with the strap:

Medium x Style Out Here

2. Wearability

As my time receiving the new strap coincided fairly closely with the end of my semester, my newfound free time gave much more opportunity for trying the watch out in a variety of activities and locations outside of sitting at a desk. Naturally, the one thing I did most was take it out on photo expeditions around town. Luckily, it looks great with almost any typical streetwear photographer looks, and it stood up to any weather and climbing I threw at it. Not to mention, as shown below, it looks just great as an accessory to my pocket Fuji X100s camera.

Medium x Style Out Here

3. Swapping the Strap

Lastly, I have to also mention how great it is that even someone with near zero physical dexterity (such as myself) can get the strap and included watchmaker tools from Medium and easily switch from leather to metal within about five-ten minutes. Furthermore, sizing it up and down on the fly, if you want to put it on a model for example, can be done in a few seconds with a key, while easily avoiding scratches. Overall, this watch continues to excel through its minimalist charm, versatility, and price point. As I start putting together a product lineup for fall's Tokyo Journals, this piece is definitely a strong contender for a cross-ocean companion.

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