Olivia Burton is the fashion watch brand established by ex-fashion buyers Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings, who launched the label in 2012. Having met on their first day of London College of Fashion, the best friends founded Olivia Burton after spotting a gap in the market for affordable, stylish and fashion-led watches.

Just like Lesa and Jemma, Lauren Yuriko Plante and Tasha Barrie met while working in various floral shops and then later again at art college. Their mutual adoration for floral design, combined with their respective backgrounds in textiles and photography, led them to the creation of Foxglove Studio, “a magical combination of all the mediums we love!” On any given day, you can find Lauren and Tasha in the studio making textiles or taking photographs inspired by their floral creations. Their love of art-making results in a floral style that is unique and organic, yet always enchanting.


Lauren and Tasha, what attracted you to the flower business?

We wish we could say we knew from the start that floral design would be one of our main vocations. The truth is, we fell into it while looking for a job that was practical and creative. It didn’t hurt that we were surrounded by beautiful natural elements every day. What started as a practical part-time job while we were in college became an all-consuming passion that complemented our other creative interests perfectly.

Despite coming from different artistic backgrounds, the two of you share a mutual love for floral design. How do your individual educational backgrounds complement Foxglove’s unique style?

Coming from art backgrounds, we both approach floral design in a less traditional, more artistic way. We both tend to see floral design as an opportunity to make a unique and temporary sculptural creation. Lauren’s personal work stems from her Japanese heritage and love for feminine ethereal design, which is reflected in her ikebana-inspired floral arrangements. Tasha’s background in studio photography compels her to design flowers as still-life photographic subjects.


What is your favourite design style and why?

That’s tough! We are inspired by a lot of different styles. Generally, we love a vintage style mixed with romantic modernism. We adore Victorian still-life floral paintings, because they are dark and powerful-looking yet feminine. That said, we also love the light, effortlessly romantic style of modern women, and how both of those styles can combine and translate into floral design.

How did you develop the Foxglove look you’re known for?

Our style has developed through experimentation and curiosity. We consistently seek out new flower varieties that intrigue us and challenge us to push our own boundaries of design. It’s also simply a reflection of our personal tastes and a desire to make what we wish existed.


What about the Olivia Burton brand do you like and how does it inspire you?

We love the classic elegant and feminine design. The design is simple but sophisticated—a lovely combo. And of course we love the floral elements. We can really relate to the founders of Olivia Burton. Jemma and Lesa are two best friends who met in college and launched a creative endeavour together, just like us! The brand has also really found its niche in the industry, providing affordable watches that are full of personality, femininity, and timeless charm. We are inspired to make a name and reputation in our industry, just as they have!

If you could put your own flower arrangement on an Olivia Burton watch, what would it look like?

We love the Winter Garden collection! If we could, we would make a dark, moody, and feminine design using some of our favourite floral ingredients: ranunculus, hellebore, and roses.


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